Tim Boetzkes - This villain is picking up the lead guitar again for his 2nd incarnation with the band. He was kicking it first with Sweet Alibi and is now shredding with Stereo Villain. Call the police he’s at it again!

Tim began rocking with Sweet Alibi in the early nineties and enjoyed a decade of touring, writing and recording with them. He recorded 3 albums with the band along with several tracks that were later released by DeSousa Drive. Some side projects included recording, writing and touring with the band Headspace (a Sweet Alibi side project) and also a quick sojourn with the cover band “Bootzkiss” (another Sweet Alibi side project). It was the roaring 90s for Sweet Alibi. They opened for some big names and had several TV appearances and radio features (see Vic’s bio).

The early 2000s led to a parting from the band and many years on other quests. Music however, continued to feed Tim’s soul and he worked with it in different forms of healing including biosonic repatterning. He could also play a mean CD (remember those?)

Now he’s back and ready to rumble with the boys. Let the villainy begin!