Vic de Sousa- Dress him up in an orange jumpsuit and throw him into the slammer, for this man is definitely guilty of singing his mind, tearing up a stage and rounding up a group of admirers.  Nobody can blame him because he has a sweet alibi... love of rock and roll.

Vic de Sousa co-founded and fronted his long time rock group Sweet Alibi. The longtime relationship with the boys in Sweet Alibi allowed de Sousa to tour Canada’s western region, expand his horizons and polish his already electric stage presence. He claims he has to be seen to be fully appreciated, audiences agree...

While with Sweet Alibi, Vic de Sousa and his group were fortunate enough to open for bands such as Def Leppard, Sammy Hagar, and Loverboy, at Rockfest .  The hard working artist has been featured several times on A-channel’s “Big Breakfast” and “Wired”, as well as RDTV’s “Music City” and Videotron’s “The Edge”.  In addition, he has been featured on Edmonton’s premiere rock radio station, CFBR (“the Bear”) on its ‘Red, White and New’ program. 

De Sousa was faced with heartbreak when his mini music empire “Sweet Alibi” came to a halt a couple of years back. His 3 amigos in the band decided to pursue careers in something other than music. De Sousa took a year off to regroup and contemplate his future. De Sousa decided it was time to take matters into his own hands and embarked on a solo career, He started writing and recording for his 4th independent release(the soon to be released "Rockstar College"). In 2005 he joined the remaining members of the group Final Offence to create a new force called, Meltdown and put his 4th indie release (Rockstar College) on hold.  Meltdown, "melted" the year after it was born...... A few months later Vic answered an ad in a local indie paper and was fortunate to find the 3 other hombres that currently make up the "DeSousa Drive" line up. Finally, thanks to the boys in the new band, the 4th release "Rockstar college" is slated to see the light of day early this year. 

Marble Soup- Sweet Alibi
Eyewitness-Sweet Alibi
Game of life-Sweet Alibi